Be a Voyeur in my World

Genuine Gents & Fabulous Females always admire, don’t they? Even those who can’t afford to come into my world, can still window-shop… Right? 

…Just knowing I’m not for you doesn’t mean you can’t covet the merchandise… Addicted to the Oozing Sexuality with Magnetism of Sexiness…


Baylee Shots

Always, A Mess of Gorgeous Chaos

Giggles, I seen you smilin’ as the sadness disappeared like magic..

You’ve been here before,
Seein’ whose…

luv is the tightest, whose kiss is the nicest, whose touch is the rightest…

Yeah babes, Im gonna ride for you…
But I ain’t gonna lie to you..


I’m the ‘Original’ Baylee Shots

standing – 5’6 (with Flip Flops),

enticing curves (34c-30w-34h),

and a zest of charismatic appeal.

Ivory skin,

inviting bedroom brown eyes,

luscious black locks,

Baylee Shots – A Mess of Gorgeous Chaos

Just a drop of water in an endless sea of sexuality & Hippie Luv.  I am quite adventurous, coupled with a very vivid imagination for the erotic minds.  I consider myself to be creative, down to earth & friendly.  A free gypsy soul… Really, a gal giggling while being real in this fake world.  A gal who you luv being around because she makes you feel alive – Like a SPLASH of water from the endless sea of sexuality. 

Unleash your Creative Spirit

Always described as a life luver, yet a sassy muse with a zest for excitement and giggles. 

I left normal and regular to explore the outskirts of magical and extraordinary – Wonderlust consumes me – foreign hearts and exotic minds compel me. 

I’m just a Gypsy Soul with a vibrant hope for the unknown..

Baylee Shots – A Mess of  Gorgeous Chaos

A wrapped up, small explosive package oozes with a magnetism of sexuality.  Once the inveiglement starts, the magnetism of sexiness can draw upon the fascination of the sexual man east you crave…

A Gypsy Soul with a Warrior Spirit…